Mission-Minded Marriage – One Year Walking Through Marriage Together

Marriages thrive with purpose, intentionality, and community. Many marriages start of exceptionally well, but it is so easy to get pulled away from consistently feeding your marriage due to the demands of life. What if there was an infrastructure that could help you put your marriage in it proper place in your life. Join me and other Kingdom-minded married couples for the Mission-Minded Marriage Yearly Program. Let’s make sure 2022 is the best year yet for your marriage!

With one year of intentionality and community, your marriage is destined to thrive!

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Regular Registration: $97 per couple

What’s Included ($97 per month):

  1. Mission-Minded Curriculum, which is an educational course and planning system for your marriage. It will help you get clear on the mission of your marriage and how to implement strategic planning in 10 critical areas of your marriage.
  2. Monthly coaching calls
  3. Online community of like-minded, Kingdom-focused couples
  4. Four quarterly dates


  1. God Fix My Marriage Course
  2. Copy of Preparing Your Heart for Marriage Book

Extra bonuses for people who pay in full

  1. Tickets for Elegant Gala in June
  2. One-on-One Strategic Session

Note from Dr. Cassandra

My heart behind the Mission-Minded Marriage Program:

Sometimes the busyness of life can interfere with our ability to give our marriages the attention that they need. I don’t want anyone to lose sight of the significance of their marriage and the greater mission that they are fighting for. It’s so easy to get checked out, but I want to ensure that couples approach their marriage with consistent intentionality and a deep understanding of God’s purpose for their marriage. I want you to win in marriage, and I realize that marriage is just like your body. It needs continual nourishment and care. What would your marriage look like a year from now with continuous effort and community support? Find out now by enrolling in the Mission-Minded Marriage Yearly Program. Let’s take this journey together!

With love,

Dr. Cassandra

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