I am here to equip you with knowledge and skills to achieve more success in your relationships, starting with the most intimate one – marriage.

Does Your Marriage Have a PLAN?

There is a direct relationship between planning and success. Download your Marriage Planning Checklist today!


Transform Your Marriage, One Day at a Time

A Blueprint for Lasting Love

Revitalize your relationship and nurture lasting love with our comprehensive Marital Success Planner—a tool designed to turn aspirations into actions for a thriving marriage.

It is a planner and devotional all in one. It contains proven research-based and biblical strategies to help you create and maintain a thriving marriage.

These proven strategies are incorporated in the design of the marital success planner, and I want to take the guesswork out of what it takes to create marital success.

The Undeniable Value of a Healthy Marriage


Creating a healthy marriage is one of the most powerful ways to promote your health and the health of future generations.

The legacy begins with you.


Set Yourself Up for Success!

A healthy relationship begins with you.

There is important self-work that is needed to position your heart for a healthy relationship or marriage. If you desire to get married in the future, my latest book Preparing Your Heart for Marriage: Doing the Emotional and Spiritual Work to Love Unconditionally, would be a wonderful asset for you. Order your copy today.

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I take out the guesswork and provide you with a proven system that will help you create a solid foundation for your relationships.


Let’s do the important self-work that is needed to prepare you for a healthy relationship.



Let’s ensure that your future marriage has a plan and strategy for marital success.


Marital success starts with a plan.

There is a positive relationship between planning and success.

Without a clear vision and plan for your marriage, your marriage will lack direction and a clear guide for the future. Your marriage is one of the most valuable aspects of your life, and it deserves a plan.

Your Relationship Matters


My life’s mission is to help couples create a legacy of healthy relationships and marriages for their bloodline.  I want to see families healed, restored, and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to experience God’s best in their relationships and marriages.

I help my clients get clear on how to stay in love including how to...

  • heart-list

    Engage in important self-work and inner healing

  • heart-list

    Gain clarity on what they want in their relationships and marriage

  • heart-list

    Create a plan and strategy for marital success

  • heart-list

    Provide accountability and support for their relationship goals


Are You Ready to

Discover How To Have a Marriage of Your Dreams?

I am blessed to come from a long legacy of strong, stable marriages, and I feel compelled to inspire a sense of hope in others. It is possible to experience healthy relationships that are grounded in evidence-based, biblical, and practical strategies. I want to help you live a life full of joy and build a love that lasts.

Dr. Cassandra Bolar Marriage Coach

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