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Are you ready to learn a strategy for a healthy marriage that lasts?

Education can serve as a preventative tool for your marriage. It’s easier to prevent a fire rather than fight a fire in your marriage. That’s why we love serving premarital couples, and the Marriage Head Start program was birthed out of a desire to provide couples with a tailor-made road map for a successful, lifelong marriage.

This is more than just an educational course or counseling session, but you will complete this program with a tangible, documented plan for your journey together in marriage – until death do you part.


If you desire to get married in the future, preparation is one of the best things you can do for your future marriage. Being single serves as an advantage for premarital education because you will gain knowledge and tools for making a wise decision for choosing a marital partner.

Choosing a marital partner wisely is one of the most important aspects of having a healthy marriage. If you believe marriage is in your future, the 2Yoked curriculum would be a wonderful resource for you. Not only does 2Yoked provide you with critical education for marriage preparation, but you will also have an opportunity to utilize the online dating site that accompanies the program.

This is a faith-based program that helps couples identify an equally yoked spouse and gain the education needed for a healthy marriage. To learn more, visit

Group Coaching for Married Couples

Marriage Together 

Your marriage is a living entity that needs ongoing support. None of us would expect to have a fit and healthy body without working out regularly and supplying our bodies with healthy foods on a regular basis. Your marriage also needs to be supplied with healthy input and support on an ongoing basis.

Don’t wait until you have major problems to work on your marriage. Your marriage deserves proactive commitment and action now.

  • Build a Community of Trust
  • Create an Atmosphere of Accountability
  • Establish a Connection with Other Like-Minded Couples

Commitment thrives on community, and the Marriage Together program is an on-going program that provides you with education, coaching, and support on an on-going monthly basis.

1:1 Coaching for Premarital Couples

Get Your Marriage Started on the Right Foot 

It’s easier to create healthy habits in a marriage rather than trying to break unhealthy habits. Getting your marriage started on the right foot will help you move in the direction of creating and maintaining lifelong love. Dr. Cassandra’s one-on-one intensive for premarital couples will provide you with the tools to get your marriage started on the right foot. One-on-one coaching for married couples includes the following:

Eight 1-hour sessions that will include

  • Creating a Vision and Mission for Your Marriage
  • Learning How to Love Each Other
  • Principles for Effective Decision Making
  • Planning Strategy for 10 Critical Areas of Your Marriage

Together, we will walk through the Marriage Head Start curriculum and make sure your union is grounded to withstand the test of time.



If you want more information on how you and your spouse can work with me one on one, send me an email and tell me about your specific issue.




This book focuses on the emotional and spiritual work that is needed to prepare your heart for marriage. The condition of your heart is the driving force behind the quality of your relational experiences. The regulation of your emotions and thinking is a matter of the heart that has important implications for marriage. If your heart is unhealed, you will not be able to provide the unconditional love that is required for a healthy marriage. Therefore, preparing the heart for marriage is critical to the success of marriage. That’s the whole premise behind this book: you must prepare your heart – your emotions and desires – for a successful marriage.

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