When Your Marriage Requires You to Love Like Jesus

There will come a time when your marriage requires you to love like Jesus. I know it may sound cliché, but times like these could potentially make or break a marriage. We live in a culture that is so focused on getting what you deserve. You’ve heard it before… “you deserve better, or if it […]

Revisiting Your 2022 Goals

Hello, my friend! How are those 2022 goals coming along? It’s alright if cake is still a close friend of yours! Our lives mean a lot more than what we look like or what the scale says. Not that I’m advocating for unhealthy eating, though. We are three weeks into the new year, and I […]

The Freedom to Choose

Happy post-Juneteenth and 4th of July, my friend! Holidays like these remind us of our freedom. I want to also remind you that you have the freedom to choose how you will show up in your relationship. You – and only you – have the liberty to choose how you will show up in each interaction of your relationship. I […]

Preventing Fires in Marriage

Fires are unrelenting when it comes to the damage they can cause. All of the beautiful furnishings, belongings, and memories in a home can be wiped away in a matter of seconds. The same can be true for marriage when it comes to the impact of prolonged toxicity. I always say that “it is easier […]

Illegitimate Expectations in Marriage

Illegitimate expectations in marriage? Strong language, right? Well, the reality is that we are living in the age of the self-expressive marriage. Never in history have the expectations for marriage been as high as they are today. We want to achieve personal growth, self-actualization, meaning, and essentially our best lives in marriage. I am all […]

The Route to JOY in Your Marriage

On Thursday, after I picked up the kids from school, we saw one of Joy’s (my daughter) classmates in the store. When they saw each other, they both squealed with delight! Joy told me, “Look, mommy – it’s Harmony!” I said, “Hi Harmony.” Harmony turned to her parents and said, “Look mommy, it’s Joy.” Then […]
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