Marriage By Design – Strategic Planning Session

marriage by design

Live a marriage by design and not by default


Are you living your marriage by default or by design?

The reality is that most couples spend more time on strategic planning for their businesses and their jobs than the most important institution of their lives, their marriage.

That will not be you, my friend!

Marriage counseling shifts dynamics, marriage planning shifts trajectories and legacies.

Moving beyond what needs to change in your marriage to implementing strategies to create change is the transformative power of a strategic session for your marriage

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What to Expect at the

Planning Session

With a strategy session you will understand what it looks like to elevate your marriage with effective methods that are grounded in your unique mission and values?

The Marital Success Strategic Session will help you create a marriage by design, and you will no longer guess about the specific work it takes to elevate your marriage.

This is the crème de la crème of strategic planning for your marriage. You will be guided by the insight and hands-on direction of Dr. Cassandra – a marital success strategist, marriage counselor, professor, and researcher.

The future of your marriage can be by design and not by default.

What is included in the

Planning Session

  •  4-hour in-person VIP strategic planning experience with Dr. Cassandra
  • Your Own Personalized Marital Success Strategic Plan, which includes:
    • Mission & Vision
    • Core Values
    • Ideal Marriage and Family Week
    • Big 10 Areas of Your Marriage Gameplan
    • Marriage Protection Plan
    • 2 Marital Success Planners
    • Mid-Year Follow-up Session
    • Catered Lunch
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God has a plan for your marriage, and partnering with Him to map it out and write it down will assist you in running with the beautiful vision God has predestined for your union. I can’t wait for you to get started.


Join us for the Marriage By Design Strategic Planning Session where we will focus on building your capacity to fulfill God’s mission for your union.

marriage by design
Your marriage is priceless, and it is worth your investment.

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Meet Your Host

Dr. Cassandra Bolar is a healthy relationship advocate who truly believes in the capacity for change and positive transformation for couples. She has committed her life to improving the relational well-being of couples and families. “The legacy of healthy relationships begins with you” is a principle she hopes will inspire couples to set a positive course for their intimate relationship that could potentially impact future generations. She brings a wealth of experience in counseling, relationship education, and research, and she has been making contributions to the field for the past twelve years.

Life is all about relationships because they give meaning to our lives, and Cassandra is personally and professionally driven to equip couples with the tools and skills they need to have a thriving relationship. She is a self-proclaimed optimist, but she has a keen understanding of the investment and work that are needed to enhance a relationship. Cassandra is going to help you explore your hopes and desires for your relationship while keeping you accountable for your contributions to the relationship. Being blessed to come from a long legacy of strong, stable marriages, she feels compelled to inspire a sense of hope in others for the possibility of experiencing healthy relationships that is grounded in practical techniques and evidence-based strategies.

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