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Community changes everything, my sweet sister!

It is the missing ingredient for making sustainable change in your marriage. Even Jesus in all of his life-changing power decided to do ministry in community. You will get further in your journey toward becoming the best wife you can be with community and accountability. Transform yourself and your marriage with the Speak Life Wives Accountability Group. It takes, commitment, action, time, and accountability to take your marriage to the next level.

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My heart behind the Speak Live Wives Yearly Accountability Group

Sometimes the busyness of life can interfere with our ability to give our marriages the attention that they need. I don’t want anyone to lose sight of the significance of their marriage and the greater mission that they are fighting for. It’s so easy to get checked out, but I want to ensure that couples approach their marriage with consistent intentionality and a deep understanding of God’s purpose for their marriage. I want you to win in marriage, and I realize that marriage is just like your body. It needs continual nourishment and care. What would your marriage look like a year from now with continuous effort and community support? Find out now by enrolling in the Speak Life Wives Yearly Accountability Program. Let’s take this journey together!

With love,
Dr. Cassandra

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Here's what's included in the Yearly Program:

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    Three devotionals each week, with action steps

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    Monthly recorded teaching from the Speak Life as a Wife Academy

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    Live Monthly Group Q/A call (2nd Monday at noon EST)

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    Live Monthly Group Accountability Call (4th Monday at noon EST)

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    Copy of Challenge Videos for Speak Life as a Wife

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    Bonus: God Fix My Marriage Course


"I have been a member of this community since the very 1st challenge! | can attest that her program saved our relationship! Dr. Cassandra gave us so much hope & practical, easy to understand strategies to overcome our challenges. The courses Dr. Bolar has designed give real-life biblically based, practical lessons that have us looking 5- years down the road planning for the successes in our marriage.

It helped me so much to hear & see married women talk about their marriages & minister to each other. They helped me realize that I wasn't alone in some of my pre-wedding thoughts & feelings. The wisdom I gleaned from them was amazing! the SWL Challenge as well as the Academy brings a community of women together. It's a beautiful thing!!"
- Doonnea

"I don't even know where to begin. These past two days have been life changing for me. My accountability partner said it best. Sometimes we keep asking God to fix the problem, not realizing we are the problem. God has definitely shifted things in me, my home, and marriage. And I'm so thankful. When we were talking last night about how the enemy likes to dance on the mind! | tell you I felt that! He's been doing that with me for months now. But God! When I tell you that on Tuesday morning, I woke up with a different mindset, and was able to speak to my husband in a way, that forced him to only respond back to me in a positive manner. Only God could do that!!! Yesterday and today has been the most peace we've had in our home in almost a year. I'm so glad I came across this challenge and was able to join this wonderful group of wives. It's only going to get better from here !!! God Is a restoring God!!!"
Nita J.


"Every session was touching and motivating; I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I feel like I understand my husband better (which is half the battle). There were bonus Q and A sessions once a week that allowed us wives to ask questions and get godly advice from one another. We truly bonded- the ladies were transparent, and it was beautiful to share time with like-minded women.

Marriage definitely takes dedication and hard work, as does anything worth fighting for, and Dr. Bolar's academy provided me with nuggets and tools to move forward, to speak life as a wife and as a mother. My marriage is bigger than me, valuable and so important for the generations to come, and being reminded of that through Dr. Bolar means the world to me. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Bolar's purpose/gift to the world and her willingness to share it."

Who would you become as a wife with the support of an uplifting community?

You’ve tried to do it on your own. Let’s now try with the help of other likeminded wives who are striving to please God by becoming the best wives they can be.

Join the movement today! With love, Dr. Cassandra

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