Revisiting Your 2022 Goals

Hello, my friend!

How are those 2022 goals coming along? It’s alright if cake is still a close friend of yours! Our lives mean a lot more than what we look like or what the scale says. Not that I’m advocating for unhealthy eating, though.

We are three weeks into the new year, and I know that you made some important goals for your life. Even if you may have fallen off the wagon, the good thing about goals is that they create a target.

My question is: Did any of those targets and goals focus on something bigger than yourself? Bigger than your personal success; bigger than the size of your waistline, and bigger than your bank account? Do your goals advance the Kingdom?

True fulfillment will come from helping others experience success and fulfilling your Kingdom assignment. I’m all for self-care, my friend. My only humble question is: How will your goals impact the lives of others long after you are gone?

Many of us are working so hard because we want to leave an inheritance.

I’m just here as a humble messenger to let you know that the inheritance is more than finances. The inheritance can also include spiritual and relational success.

Our culture teaches us to GRIND and make it happen, but who and what are we grinding for?  

Are our goals keeping us on the hamster wheel that never leads to full satisfaction? Or do our goals liberate us to create a life that makes the world a better place for the ones we treasure the most?

I think I may go back to the drawing board when it comes to my goals because I want to make sure they are making a generational and Kingdom impact.

I want this impact to be bigger than what any bank account can hold. I want to make deposits that expand the capacity of what only hearts can hold.

May we hold on to what truly matters in this life and may our goals reflect this understanding.

I’m truly praying that this will be the best year yet for you, and not only you but also the ones your life has been assigned to impact. May your goals lead you closer to the Kingdom and others.

With love,

Dr. Cassandra

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