Preventing Fires in Marriage

Fires are unrelenting when it comes to the damage they can cause. All of the beautiful furnishings, belongings, and memories in a home can be wiped away in a matter of seconds.

The same can be true for marriage when it comes to the impact of prolonged toxicity. I always say that “it is easier to prevent fires rather than fight fires in your marriage.”

Due to having a background in prevention research, I’m extremely committed to helping individuals and couples on the front end of a marriage. Whether you are single, engaged, or newly married, now is the time to equip yourself with preventative tools that will safeguard the health of your marriage.

With that in mind, I poured my heart and soul into my book, “Preparing Your Heart for Marriage: Doing the Emotional and Spiritual Work to Love Unconditionally.”

I invite you to invest in your marriage – or future marriage if you are single – and purchase this book by clicking here.  

Fire experts report that most people do not die from the fire itself, but they are most likely to die from smoke inhalation.

Many people walk into a lovely marriage much the same way you would walk into a beautiful new home. You are so excited, and you can’t stop thinking about all of the wonderful experiences you will have in the new home.

Unbeknownst to many couples is that they may have some substantial fire hazards that could threaten the integrity of the entire house.

Dr. Eli Finkel has a model that explains how many marriages can’t breathe and eventually suffocate. He calls it the suffocation model on marriage.

He likens marital success to climbing a mountain. First, it takes a special skill set to climb a mountain; and second, the air gets thinner the higher you climb. Therefore, oxygen is critical at the higher heights of the mountain.

The same is true for climbing the mountain of marital success – those higher heights that lead to personal growth and self-actualization require plenty of oxygen.

According to his model, time and effort serve as oxygen. However, many couples eventually stop giving their marriage the time and effort, or oxygen it needs, and they are suffocated by the expectations they have for their marriage.

In addition to oxygen, there is a relational skill set that is needed to thrive in marriage. I would also add that plenty of grace, prayer, and Jesus are also needed to climb the beautiful mountain of marital success.

There is great beauty awaiting your marriage, and I want to do all that is within my capacity to help you climb the mountain of marital success. I want you to see the sights that can only be viewed from the mountain top.

Invest today in giving your marriage all it needs to breathe and fly high in marriage. Click here to purchase a copy of “Preparing Your Heart for Marriage” for yourself or a friend.

With love,

Dr. Cassandra

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