Dear Family,

This is more than a conference, but this is an opportunity to get your marriage firmly planted on its God-inspired mission. The unpredictable season of COVID-19 has knocked some of us off our kilter, but now is the time to get back on course. I want you to walk into 2022 with a renewed drive for your marriage that is guided by the clarity of your vision and mission. There is a reason you two were brought together, and this conference will give you an effective strategy for living out the marriage God always had in mind for you!


Regardless of what you are facing, the mission of your marriage is possible!


Join us live, in-person for...


When is the conference?

Saturday, December 11, 2021
from 10am - 2pm EST

Where is the conference?

Word of Faith Family Cathedral’s Chapel
212 Riverside Parkway
Austell, GA 30168

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Regular Registration:
$97 per couple


What we will cover:

How to create a God-inspired mission for your marriage. Bonus: You will leave with a beautiful mission/vision board to display in your home!

How to create a winning formula to accomplish the mission of your marriage

How to create a strategy to overcome the past so that it won’t affect the future of your marriage

How to create the right environment for your marriage to thrive


is the conference for?

This conference is for anyone who wants to fulfill the Kingdom assignment of their marriage. This conference is for married couples, engaged couples, and singles who want to prepare for marriage. If you want to have a marriage that’s anchored in purpose and creating a God-sized impact, you don’t want to miss this conference. This conference is for anyone who understands that marriage is so much more than the people involved, but it also includes the power of the impact they can have on their family, community, and legacy.


do they need to be in attendance?

  • heart-list

    Live training on building and creating a mission-minded marriage

  • heart-list

    Free giveaways that will support your current or future marriage

  • heart-list

    Fun and engaging experience that will light a fire in you and your marriage


they are going to walk away with?

  • heart-list

    You will have a clearer direction for your marriage that is grounded in your why and mission for marriage.

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    You will create a mission for your marriage that captures the specific purpose of your union or future union.

What’s Included:

  • Marriage Mission Board Materials
  • Mission-Minded Marriage Workbook
  • Life-changing Content
  • Q/A with Christian Counselors
  • LUNCH!!!!
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Mission Minded: Marriage Conference

10am - 2pm EST - AUSTELL, GA

A note from Dr. Cassandra

My heart behind the Mission-Minded Marriage Conference:

I’m here to remind you that the promise from God for your marriage is possible. Whether you are just starting off in marriage or have many years under your belt, the mission of creating a Kingdom marriage is possible. The significance of what God wants to build in your marriage is priceless, and I want you to have a strategy for building the marriage of God’s dreams, which will surpass your own.

I want you to accomplish the mission of your marriage and walk this thing out in love, peace, and happiness until death do you part. Yes, that mission is possible, my friend!

Join me for this dynamic and interactive conference where you will leave with tools that will set your marriage on the right course from this time forward and until death do you part.

I can’t wait to see you there!

With love,
Dr. Cassandra


Meet Your Host

Dr. Cassandra Bolar is a healthy relationship advocate who truly believes in the capacity for change and positive transformation for couples. She has committed her life to improving the relational well-being of couples and families. “The legacy of healthy relationships begins with you” is a principle she hopes will inspire couples to set a positive course for their intimate relationship that could potentially impact future generations. She brings a wealth of experience in counseling, relationship education, and research, and she has been making contributions to the field for the past twelve years.

Life is all about relationships because they give meaning to our lives, and Cassandra is personally and professionally driven to equip couples with the tools and skills they need to have a thriving relationship. She is a self-proclaimed optimist, but she has a keen understanding of the investment and work that are needed to enhance a relationship. Cassandra is going to help you explore your hopes and desires for your relationship while keeping you accountable for your contributions to the relationship. Being blessed to come from a long legacy of strong, stable marriages, she feels compelled to inspire a sense of hope in others for the possibility of experiencing healthy relationships that is grounded in practical techniques and evidence-based strategies.


Q/A Featured Panelist

Dr. LaToya K. Williams is a multifaceted leader who functions under the mantra “Free 2 Be ME”.  She serves in various capacities, such as preacher, mentor, life coach, and entrepreneur.  Alongside her husband, Bishop Jeronn C. Williams, she serves as the First Lady and Pastor General of New Life International Family Church in Decatur, Georgia.  Here she works diligently in the service of the Lord and helps to ensure the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the ministry is accomplished. Dr. Williams leads the Women of Fire Ministry and serves as an advisor to all of the ministries of New Life International Family Church.  In addition to serving in ministry with her husband, Dr. Williams travels frequently preaching and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She has embarked on missionary journeys, sharing the love of God to those less fortunate and consistently volunteers and promotes causes such as “Educational Choice”, “Toys for Tots”, and “Breast Cancer Awareness”. Because of her continued community involvement, Dr. Williams has received many accolades for her remarkable commitment, outstanding community service, and indelible inspiration from various organizations and foundations in the Atlanta area and beyond.   In addition to being a multifaceted leader, Dr. Williams and her husband, Bishop Williams are the proud parents of an amazing son, Jeronn C. Williams, II.

A native of Prentiss, MS, Dr. Williams was born, the second of two children, to Marjorie and the late John Culver.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Spelman College and Masters in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University.  She has also completed her Doctorate in Education from Argosy University, in Pastoral Community Counseling. Dr. Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and through the knowledge gained through education and experience, she serves as a therapist working with individuals and couples assisting them through the stages, transitions, phases and challenges of life.  She also utilizes her proficiencies to empower others through workshops, trainings, and life coaching.



Q/A Featured Panelists

Minister Herring is a certified marriage and pre-marital counselor and believes in reviving the dream of successful families to today’s millennial generation. She has a responsibility to share that whether at home, in the community or in business the Word of God has provided the proven blueprint by which we should replicate and make practical the promises of God.

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