What every couple can do today to ensure a happy future together


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A Happy Marriage Doesn’t Happen by Accident!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

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    The greatest threat to your present and future happiness in marriage

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    How to maintain lifelong love in marriage

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    The ultimate goal and purpose of marriage

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    Why you won't find happiness if you don't fulfill the purpose of marriage first

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    5 secrets/habits you can put in place today to ensure your future happiness in marriage

An unhappy marriage is more costly today than it has ever been in history.

You can't afford to survive marriage when there are research-based and biblical tools proven to help you thrive in marriage.

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Your future self and marriage will thank you for learning this information now!

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This workshop is a Must Attend if….

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    You are engaged, and you want to make sure that your marriage starts off and stays on the right foot.

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    You are a newlywed, and you want to make sure that you stay in the honeymoon phase.

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    Things are going wonderfully in your marriage, and you want to elevate it to the next level.


Personal Invitation from Dr. Cassandra

I’ve been working in the relationship education and counseling field for fifteen years, and what it takes to have a thriving marriage has changed dramatically from what it took just a few decades ago.

This class is a culmination of everything I’ve learned as a marriage and family therapist, psychology professor, and family life educator. I’m packing it with all that you need to start your marriage off in the right direction.

I promise you will have so much fun! Even better than the fun that we will have together, you will leave full of confidence, vision, and direction for your marriage.

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Five Secrets to ensure you are happily married 10 years from now

September 20, 2023 @ 12 PM EST

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